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  • Panasonic ES2113PC
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    Panasonic ES2113PC

    The Facial Hair Trimmer boasts a precision, rotating head which follows the contour of the skin for close trimming. Contour-hugging swinging action swings 10 degrees to the left or...

Millions of men around the world choose to care for their skin with an electric shaver, to ensure precise and comfortable shaving. The electric shavers adjust to every face and neck curve and are designed to help you capture more hair with each stroke, depending on the number of blades and heads. Shaving is easy if you opt for devices that integrate the Wet & Dry technology. The models optimized for underwater use will surely provide your skin with a fresh look, no matter what shaving method you apply - dry or wet. Depending on the operating time and the shaving conditions, you can choose a battery or a main supply powered device. The electric shavers also incorporate technologies like Lift & Cut or Skin Glide, for a fast shaving with no irritation.